Lawsuits filed against Ixtapa restaurant in Lake Stevens for E-coli poisoning

The Everett reports that two Everett women — Sally Ring and Jean Jubie — have filed lawsuits against the Ixtapa restaurant in Lake Stevens claiming that their illness was caused from E-coli, a form of food poisoning, contracted by eating at the restaurant. Last year a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Alison Riojas, age 9, who also contracted E-coli.

Ring’s and Jubie’s lawsuits did not specify damages but they are asking for medical and other expenses. Ring was treated at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett for her illness. Jubie was hospitalized for two days at the same hospital for gastrointestinal bleeding, colitis and dehydration.

E-coli is a bacterium that can be found in meat products and hamburger. Foodborne illness can cause a lifetime of health problems and kills approximately 5,000 people in the US every year. Children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems experience the worst symptoms but even for the healthy, E-coli can be “no walk in the park.” Victims often have to be hospitalized for dehydration and other complications.

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