Lawsuit filed by mother of boy attacked by pit bull

Juanita Langley, the mother of Jonathan Langley, who was attacked by a pit bull in the family’s yard has filled a lawsuit against the dog’s owner, Denyse Winters. The lawsuit asks for compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and for disfiguring scars.

According to a report on the NWA online, Jonathan was playing in the yard when the black and white pit bull that was running loose attacked him. The boy suffered injuries to his hand and the back of his head. The boy’s father, Christopher, was also bitten in the hand as he tried to free his son.

Langley’s lawsuit claims that the there had been many complaints filed against Denyse Winters for allowing the dog to run loose. The lawsuit also names the property owner, Rhino Investment Company, for knowingly allowing a dangerous dog to be kept on the premises despite it being a violation of the lease.

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