Lacey adult family home license revoked due to safety violations

A Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) press release announced the revocation of a license for the Shangra-La Adult Family Home in Lacey. The revocation of the license means that the facility cannot accept any new residents and the safety of any residents who remain will be monitored by the DSHS.

According to the press release, “The provider failed to promote a respectful care environment that enhanced residents’ dignity, residents’ right to make choices about their activities and respected residents’ personal property. “

Adult Family Homes are facilities in neighborhoods which are licensed to care for between two and six residents. Care includes room and board, supervision, laundry and assistance with personal care and the administration of medication. Shangra-La is licensed in Thurston County to provide special care for adults with mental health issues and dementia.

While the DSHS did not provide specifics about the reasons for the revocation of the license, the Blevins has 28 days to respond by requesting and administrative hearing.

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