L & I fines Pacific Topsoils for safety violations after death of teenage employee

The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has fined Pacific Topsoils, a landscaping and supply company based in Everett, Washington $199,000 for safety violations relating to the death of Bradley Hogue, 19.

Hogue was killed on his second day of work when he fell into a machine used in distributing “beauty” bark onto a property.

L&I cited Pacific Topsoils for “two willful and 14 serious violations” related to Hogue’s death. L&I Assistant Director Anne Soiza said:

¬†“The loss of this young man’s life is a tragedy that could have been prevented if the employer had followed basic safety and health rules that protect workers from moving machinery. We hope this citation and the penalties serve as a deterrent so that nothing like this ever happens again.”

In citing Pacific Topsoils, L&I found that the company had workers clear jams in the bark-blower truck hoppers when the hoppers were operating. This exposed workers to very hazardous conditions, all which were potentially life threatening.

L&I cited Pacific Topsoils for two willful violations:

  1. Not ensuring lockout/tagout procedures were regularly used.
  2. Not properly training employees in use of these procedures.

A willful violation is one in which an employer knowingly disregarded or was indifferent to employee safety.

seattle construction accident attorneyIn addition to the fines to Pacific Topsoils, L&I issued a bark and mulch-blower hazard alert to other companies about the dangers of working inside a hopper while it is under operation. L&I informed operators that two workers have been killed and another seriously injured in separate accidents

It is incumbent on employers to follow manufacturer’s safety instructions and to develop safety rules, procedures and training when operating dangerous equipment.

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