King County Metro Transit settles wrongful death suit for $1.5 million in bus accident that killed man

The Seattle Times reports that King County Metro Transit has settled a wrongful death suit with a family whose son was killed in a car accident with a metro bus. The wrongful death settlement amount of $1.5 million was disclosed by the parents of Michael Dahlquist, age 21, of Auburn who was killed in April of 2007 on Highway 164 in Enumclaw when the truck he was driving in was hit by a Transit bus driven by Sandie Olosky, age 37, of Issaquah.

The wrongful death lawsuit revealed that Olosky had a history of negligent driving. According to Dhalquist’s father, Jeff Dahlquist, “This woman was a documented danger and Metro failed to protect the public. This incompetence cost my son his life.” Olosky was fined $250 and cited for negligent driving and lost her commercial license in the accident that killed Dahlquist. She had prior offenses dating back 10 years including a hit-and-run accident and a reckless driving accident. Despite her driving history, Metro Transit kept her employed.

A wrongful death lawsuit allows the family whose loved one has been killed due to another’s negligence to sue for damages including the child’s lost wages and future earnings. In this case, which the family’s attorney said was “landmark” it also recognized the value of the family relationship with their lost son.

Wrongful death lawsuits can include construction accidents, auto accidents, criminal attacks and school and sports activities. When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it is difficult enough to cope with a loved one’s death. If you find yourself in this situation, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney who has experience with Washington’s wrongful death statutes and can help you during a difficult time. With the help of The Farber law Group you may receive compensation on behalf of your deceased spouse, child or parent.

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