Medical Quality Assurance board revokes licenses of King County health care professionals

The Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Board, a branch of the Washington State Department of Health that oversees health professionals and health facilities and licenses health care workers, has revoked the licenses of the following health care workers in King County:

  • Thomas Scheerens (RN00124123), a nurse, for failing to comply with terms of an earlier stipulation.
  • Virginia T. Stevens (MD00030208), a Woodinville surgeon, had her credential indefinitely suspended for having sexual relations with a patient, abusing alcohol ad failing to provide direct supervisions over employees under her jurisdiction.
  • Hosea Immanuel (MA60036633), a massage practitioner, for failing to comply with terms of an earlier order.
  • Richard M. Garcia (LR00001273, MA00006364), a respiratory care and massage practitioner, had his credentials permanently revoked for having sexual contact with patients and for practicing with suspended credentials. Garcia was convicted in King County Superior Court, of second-degree assault, a Class B felony, and for practicing without a license.
  • Frederick B. Hardy (CH00001214), a chiropractor, surrendered his credential after inappropriately touching a patient’s breast.
  • Chad A. Norris (NA60081185), a registered nursing assistant, had his credentials indefinitely suspended after failing to comply with an earlier agreement.
  • Ronald Brun (DE00010828), a Seattle dentist, had his dental credentials vacated.
  • Lynn M. Friend (LP00043643), a licensed practical nursing, had her credentials suspended for two years for failing to arrange care for patients, testing positive for cocaine and failing to cooperate with investigators.

Surgical medical malpractice results in the deaths for more than 200,000 patients every year. Other forms of medical malpractice can result in patient neglect or injury.

A health care provider is negligent if

He or she failed to exercise the degree of care, skill and learning expected of a reasonably prudent health care provider at that time in the profession or class to which he belongs, in the state of Washington, acting in the same or similar circumstances” and “such failure was a proximate cause of the injury complained of.” RCW 7.70.040(1), (2).

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