Kindergarten teacher award $1.5M award for slip and fall accident

The Arizona Court of Appeals upheld the $1.5 million damage award to a kindergarten teacher who sued BCI Coca-Cola for damages after a slip, trip and fall accident in a grocery store.

The unidentified teacher had a serious spinal cord injury as a result of a fall caused by water on the floor that had leaked from a BCI Coca-Cola refrigerator. The victim had to have surgery on a herniated disk and suffers from lingering and chronic pain.

The court found the BCI Coca-Cola Bottling liable for the accident because service records showed that the refrigerator had been leaking for two years before the accident.

The teacher’s attorneys showed the jury a surveillance tape of the accident and were able to share with the jury how debilitating the injuries are.

This may seem like a huge award to some. However, it is not out-of-line due to the severity of a spinal column injury.

A slip, trip or fall accident falls under the category of “premise liability.” Premise liability finds that a property owner or person who operates a business is responsible for injuries by a person on their premises if they failed to maintain their property in a safe condition. This can include wet and slippery floors, inadequate lighting, cracked sidewalks, etc.

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$1.5 Million Verdict Won by Tucson Attorneys Against BCI Coca-Cola for Slip and Fall Accident Affirmed by Arizona Court of Appeals

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