Kent pit bull attack injures 2, kills small dog

A day after a Kirkland man shot a pit bull dog in the Juanita Beach Wildlife Park in Kirkland, a pit bull attacked two men in Kent and killed a Pomeranian dog. The KIRO report said that two children were walking the Pomeranian when it a pit bull attacked and killed the Pomeranian.

Wile the reports on KIRO TV and KOMO TV vary a bit, what does seem clear is that a 46-year-old man received multiple dog bites in the leg and one in the abdomen and a 19-year-old man suffered a leg injury when they were attacked by two dogs believed to be pit bulls around 1:00pm near south 222nd and 94th Ave. S. in Kent.

King County animal control officers captured the pit bulls after the attack.

According to KIRO, the pit bull was tracked back t a house but the people who were there at the time denied owning the dog.

This Kent dog attack is similar to the Kirkland dog attack in that the dogs were off-leash and not in control of their owner .

When the dog owners are found, they may face criminal prosecution. The victims can also file a civil suit asking for compensation for damages. Washington has a “dog bite law” which is certainly sympathetic to victims and find that dog owners are liable for dog bite injuries. Click here for more information.

This information is provided by the dog bite lawyers at The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have been seriously injured in a dog attack and the family of those killed. Since many dog bite victims suffer permanent nerve damage and often require several surgeries, obtaining compensation for medical costs and for pain and suffering is necessary to support the victim.

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