Kennewick man seriously burned after fueling pickup truck

The Seattle Times reports that a Kennewick, Washington man suffered serious burn injuries after he put fuel in his pickup truck.

According to the report, the man filled up his truck, drove from the gas station but accidentally caught his clothes on fire when he lit a cigarette and gasoline on his clothing caught on fire.
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The man jumped from his moving pickup truck and the truck crashed into a flagpole.

Gas Station Accidents are more common than one might think. Gasoline burns kill approximately 4,500 people a year while 10,000 more die from infections caused by the burn injury.

Some gasoline station accidents are a result of carelessness or negligence. We’ve read reports on accidents caused when one driver runs into another vehicle pushing it into a gas pump or sparks coming into contact with fuel causing an explosion. People must exercise extreme care when using smoking materials and matches or lighters while fueling their motor vehicles.

Sometimes gas station fires can be caused when necessary maintenance of pumps is not done. In this case the premise owner is liable for damages.

This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. We represent people who have suffered serious burn injuries due to the negligence of another. With our help, you may recover compensation for your damages which can be substantial in a burn injury because patients often require multiple plastic surgery operations which can cost more than $10,000 each.

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