Jury rules in favor of physician in wrongful death lawsuit

A Yakima County Superior Court jury ruled in favor or Dr. Mark Sauerwein in a malpractice and wrongful death lawsuit filed by the husband of a young woman who died from multiple organ failure brought on by a fungal infection with an underlying condition of diabetes.

Christina Anaya, 32, died in 2006. Anaya’s husband, Rodolfo Anaya Gomez, initiated a wrongful death lawsuit asking for $1.7 million in damages on the grounds that Dr. Sauewerein’s failure to diagnose a fungal infection led to Anaya’s death.

The jury heard that Sauerwein was “concerned, caring, conscientious and competent” physician. Sauerwein wrongly concluded that Anaya’s blood test was a “false positive” given the fact that her condition had improved and that her symptoms appeared to be due to diabetes.

According to the Yakima Hearld-Republic, most Yakima County juries “rarely side with plaintiffs in malpractice cases.”

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