Jury awards woman with Fosamax injury $8 million

Merck & Co. the manufacturer of Fosamax, an osteoporosis drug, has been ordered to pay Shirley Boles, 72, $8 million dollars finding that her jaw disease, osteonecrosis, was caused by taking Fosamax.

The crux of Boles’ suit is that Merck failed to warn doctors and patients that the drug might effect the flow of blood to the jaw, causing jawbone-tissue death. In finding against Merck, jurors found that Fosamax is defectively designed and unreasonably dangerous according to Bole’s attorney.

Merck faces hundreds of product liability lawsuits because of allegations that the drug caused the jaw-destroying condition.

This case is considered a “bellwether” case and its determination may lead to out-of-court settlements.

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Business Week
Merck Loses $8 Million Verdict in Trial over Fosamax
June 25, 2010