Jury awards man whose limbs were amputated $17.7 in MRSA infection malpractice lawsuit

A Dallas jury has awarded a man who lost his arms and legs due to a virulent staph infection he contracted while in a hospital for treatment of an ulcer a $17.7 million medical malpractice award. Doctors treated David Fritzgerald, age 53, with various antibiotics misdiagnosed the MRSA infection, a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. A MRSA infection should be treated quickly and with the right medications or the patient can become septic. In Fritzgerald’s case, he had to have his limbs amputated to save his life.

According to the Star Telegram, David Fritzgerald, was awarded $6.72 million in economic or compensatory damages. Economic damages are awarded to a plaintiff to compensate for the loss or injury for the harm suffered by another person’s negligence. They cover loss of wages, medical care and future medical care.

Fritzgerald was also awarded $11 million for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering or general damages compensate the victim for the non-monetary aspects of his/her loss. These types of damages cover things the physical pain suffered, disfigurement, or loss of enjoyment of life. The State of Texas where Fritzgerald resides and where the case was tried has a cap on “non-economic” damages so the award was reduced from $11 million to $250 thousand. Fritzgerald’s attorney called Texas’ caps a “tragic unfairness.”

The hospital and several doctors settled with Fritzgerald for misdiagnosis and negligent treatment prior to the trial but the civil suit against infectious-disease specialist Meenakshi Prabhakar proceeded and the jury found Prabhakar negligent.

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