Jury awards husband $7.5 million in ‘failure to diagnose breast cancer’ medical malpractice suit

A Virginia jury has awarded the husband of a registered nurse who died of breast cancer at the age of 57 a $7.5 million medical malpractice award because the woman’s physician failed to diagnose and treat the woman after she presented with a lump in her breast.

The wrongful death award went to the husband of Eleanor Browder who died last April according to the Fredericksburg.com. In making a judgment against Browder’s family practitioner, Dr. Donna J. Gamache, the jury found the physician and a nurse practitioner negligent in coordinating their efforts and not ordering tests to determine if the breast lump was cancerous.

Browder’s lump grew from the size of a peach pit to the size of a lemon before it was diagnosed as cancerous and Browder had a double mastectomy. Browder had radiation and chemotherapy but eventually succumbed to the disease after a period of remission.

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