Jury awards daughter $1.25 million in nursing home neglect lawsuit

A jury has awarded the daughter of Melvin Raybon $1.25 million in a nursing home neglect lawsuit reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In providing the award, the jury found that the Tucker Nursing Center provided “inadequate attention” and care of Raybon which led to his death after he developed a bedsore that became badly infected and other complications.

According to the story, Raybon, who died four years ago, was admitted to the Tucker Nursing Center at the age of 67. Raybon was only in the nursing center nine months when he developed a bedsore (decubitus ulcer) so severe that the infection went all the way to the bone of his left buttock. Nursing orders said that Raybon was to be turned every two hours to alleviate pressure on his backside but records showed that he was only turned every four.

In the law suit, the attorney for Raybon’s estate, Benjamin Land, said that there was not enough staff at the nursing home to provide adequate care. In his argument, he told about the bedsores and infections that Raybon experienced in the last year of his life:

“The last 12 months of his life were miserable,” Land said. “Our argument to the jury was basically that no man should spend his last year on Earth like this.”

Bedsores or pressures sores are common names for decubitus ulcers. Developing bedsores is one of the most ubiquitous injuries suffered by elderly and infirm patients at nursing homes. It is a sign that the person has not been properly cared for and and has lacked proper medical treatment. In the early stages, bedsores are totally treatable but without treatment, they can become infected and even enter the bone which can cause death.

If one of your loved ones such as a paren has suffered a serious bedsore or other serious injury while in the care of a nursing home, you may have a claim against the nursing home for neglect or abuseContact The Farber Law Group, a law firm with offices in Seattle and Bellevue with more than 40 years experience in representing clients who have suffered nursing home neglect.

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