Jury awards $7.08M to motorist who was seriously injured in rear-end truck accident

A Maryland jury awarded Jamie Blake, 31, a $7.08M award for the injuries he received in a rear-end motor vehicle accident.

Blake was driving to work on a highway when his truck was rear ended by Jeffrey Crain who was driving in the course of his employment for Iacoboni Site Specialists.

Blake suffered multiple injuries in the accident including to the head, neck, back and hand. His back injury required spinal surgery and epidural injections for pain.

Blake suffers from chronic pain from the accident and he is no longer to work as a roofer.

Blake filed a negligence against Crain for negligent driving and Crain admitted liability.

He also filed suit against Iacoboni under respondeat superior since Crain was in the course of his employment when the accident occurred. The doctrine of respondeat superior, “let the master answer”, provides that an injured party may, in some circumstances, seek remedy from an employer for negligent acts of their employee.

While the jury awarded Blake approximately $7.08M including an award of $4.04 million for pain and suffering, the pain and suffering award was reduced by the court to $665,000.

Citation: Blake v. Crain, No. 24C11005479 (Md., Baltimore City Cir. Sept. 27, 2012).

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