Injured motorist receives $3.02 M of uninsured motorist coverage in case against State Farm Mutual

The case of Bowdler v. State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co. concluded with the jury awarding $3.02 million to David Bowdler who was serious injured in a motor vehicle accident at an intersection when the other driver ran a stop sign.

In this “bad faith” insurance case, Bowdler sued State Farm Insurance after they refused to pay him the full amount of his underinsured motorist coverage.
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An “underinsured/uninsured motorist clause” was a provision of Bowlder’s insurance policy and provides that a driver receive damages for injuries caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. In the event of an accident with serious injuries, the coverage is intended to bridge the gap between what the uninsured driver can pay and what the injured driver should receive had the other driver been adequately insured.

Bowlder suffered a neck fracture and wrist fracture and had to undergo multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a motorist who only had $25,000 in coverage.

State Farm balked at covering Bowlder’s damages so Bowlder’s attorney filed an insurance bad faith lawsuit. “Bad faith” is describes a tort claim against an insurance company when the insurance company has not dealt fairly with the insured person.

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