Information for families after a traumatic brain injury

You may be seeking information after a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is a serious injury and can leave a loved one permanently disabled or with other permanent changes which can affect their thinking, sensation, emotions, or language.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when there is a change in brain function or there is brain pathology due to an external force. Accidents and events that can cause a person to suffer a TBI include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents including car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Work related accidents including falls or being struck in the head
  • Birth injuries in which the brain is deprived of oxygen
  • Medical errors which result in an anoxic or hypoxic brain injury in which the brain is deprived of oxygen or the lack of an adequate supply of oxygen

Approximately 35% of traumatic brain injuries are attributed to workplace accidents every year while auto accidents account for about 17.3%.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Traumatic Brain Injury

It is relatively easy to suffer a traumatic brain injury due to a motor vehicle accident. Even when a car is traveling at relatively low rates of speed, if the car is struck, a person’s brain can be propelled into the skull and the brain tissue can be damaged causing blood vessels to tear. When blood vessels tear, they can cause a bleed into the brain of swelling.

Bleeding in the brain can cause tissue to die off. Sometimes people who have sustained a head injury in a car accident will seem ok immediately after the accident but they suffer complications a short time after or subtle changes start occurring even days after.

Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

The treatment for a traumatic brain injury can vary depending upon the size of the hemorrhage (bleeding) and the amount of brain swelling. Some patients require treatment to alleviate the swelling and to prevent bleeding. Some patients recover completely while others suffer lifelong complications or even death.

Seeking Legal Remedies
If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic traumatic brain injury due to the negligent or wrongful act of another, you are most likely facing huge financial ramifications.

An experienced attorney who specializes in injury law can be helpful to you by focusing on the legal aspects of your injury including working towards obtaining you or loved one compensation for for both immediate and long-term needs.

The Farber Law Group, a Washington traumatic brain injury lawyer that represents clients in the greater Seattle metropolitan area and throughout Washington state, will work on your behalf to ensure your rights are protected and that you obtain the compensation that you deserve.

Contact The Farber Law Group at 1-800-244-9087 or to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation. Our Bellevue office is here to assist you.

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