Icy road conditions causes more than 20 motor vehicle accidents in Seattle area

The Washington state patrol reports that they received reports of more than 20 motor vehicle accidents in the greater Seattle area in an hour and a half period early Saturday morning. Most of the collisions were caused by icy road conditions.

Western Washington is experiencing colder temperatures and in the local mountains including Steven’s Pass and Mount Baker, winter has arrived. It is important that motorists drive safely on icy roads. The following are some tips to avoid getting into a car accident.

Icy Road Driving Tips

  • Keep your speed down.
  • Slow down to change lanes, turn or brake.
  • Use your signals. Let other drivers know of your intention to change lanes, turn or stop.
  • Pump your brakes slowly if you don’t have anti lock brakes.
  • Turn your wheels in the same direction as a skid.
  • Freezing occurs quicker on bridges, highway overpasses and on shady roads. Slow down when approaching these areas.
  • Know how to drive your car in icy conditions by practicing sudden stopping, turns and doughnuts in empty parking lots.

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