Hunters who fall from tree stands risk serious injury

In the past few years, hunters have been increasingly using tree stands for hunting. From a tree-stand perch, a hunter is out of the deer’s field-of-vision and also out of their range for scent detection allowing hunters to have an excellent vantage point for hunting. Many tree stands are mounted 10 to 30 feet or more above the ground level. As the use of tree stands have become more commonplace, there have been many serious injuries including internal injuries, spinal cord injury, brain injury, paralysis and death among hunters who have had falling accidents involving tree stands.

North Carolina had four serious hunting accidents in two weeks of September including two fatalities. Investigators found that hunters that fell were not using a fall-restraint system.

Hunters fall for many reasons and lack of proper safety precautions and equipment is one of them. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, in conjunction with the Treestand Manufacturers Association, found that 82% of all hunters suffering from a fall injury were not wearing a safety device.

Recommended safety precautions include seattle slip trip and fall lawyer

  • Test your tree stand regardless of whether it is homemade or manufactured.
  • Hunt with a partner or group and rendezvous at designated times.
  • Do not drink while hunting.
  • Maintain three points of contact when climbing up and down a tree stand ladder as with any ladder.
  • Use a haul line to carry your equipment up into the tree stand; keep your hands free for climbing. 75% of all tree stand falls are while climbing up or down the tree.
  • Check to make sure safety equipment is in good repair.
  • Make sure you install your tree stand in a healthy tree, not one that is decayed, leaning or without rough bark.
  • Wear a full body harness.

For more information see the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website, Use of Elevated Stands & Other Techniques Tree Stand Safety. Visit the Treestand Manufacturers Association site for an Online Treestand Safety Course.

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