How to avoid drunken drivers on the road

Recently there have been two horrific car accidents in the State of Washington with one person killed in one and 8 people injured in the other. In both cases, the motor vehicle accidents occurred just before 6am and in both cases, it is believed that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol at the time.

While many drunken drivers are arrested between the hours of 11am and 3pm, impaired drivers can be out there driving at all the times of the night and in the daytime. One way to be safe is learning to identify a drunken driver and not to just chalk of a driver’s erratic or aggressive driver to them being simply a “jerk.”

Identifying an impaired or drunken driver

If you see a driver exhibiting one of the following behaviors, that driver may be drunk:

  1. Driving slowly — Many drunken drivers slow down so that they can concentrate to stay in their own lane.
  2. Stopping for no reason — Many drunken drivers are overly cautious and some will stop at an unmarked intersection or at a green light.
  3. Swerving.
  4. Driving off the road — Many drunken drivers get confused and they’ll drive on a sidewalk, the shoulder or on a bicycle lane.
  5. Driving down the middle of the road — Some drunken drivers use the centerline to help guide them and they do not realize they are driving down the middle of the road.
  6. Making wide turns — Drunken drivers may swing wide to maneuver a turn.
  7. Tailgating — Drunken drivers often will drive too closely to the car in front in attempt to drive straight.
  8. Failing to use Headlights — Drunken drives often will forget to use their headlights and not realize they are not on.
  9. Driving the wrong way on the road — some of the most horrific car accidents is when a drunken driver heads the wrong way up a freeway on ramp.
  10. Hitting objects — drunken drivers may hit a curb, a mail box or a parked car.

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