How do you know if your illness was caused by Salmonella?

Food borne pathogens such as Salmonella are in the news a lot lately with the massive peanut products recall. How would you know if your illness was caused by Salmonella or another food borne pathogen?

There are two categories of food poisoning:

  1. A toxin in the food that has spoiled. A classic example of this is a church picnic where everyone got ill after eating the potato salad that had not been refrigerated properly.
  2. A bacteria or virus that has contaminated the food. Salmonella and e-coli are examples of these.

salmonella illness lawyer in seattleSalmonella is mostly commonly found in under cooked eggs and poultry but the Georgia peanut case has show us that it can also be in other food items.

Symptoms of salmonella:

  • Symptoms usually occur 12 to 72 hours after eating the food.
  • Symptoms will include nausea, vomiting and severe diarrhea, and sometimes bloody diarrhea.
  • A fever may or may not be present.

If you have these horrible flu-like symptoms, make sure you do not become dehydrated and drink plenty of fluids. It is often very difficult to tell the difference between the flu and a food-borne illness unless you go see your doctor or go to the emergency room and they take a specimen test of the patient’s stool.

Approximately 40,000 cases of salmonellosis are reported in the U.S. every year but the number of infections probably 30 times higher than that. One interesting thing to note is there are more cases in the summer than winter.

A person should recover from salmonella in 1-2 weeks. However, in some cases — the elderly, small children and people with compromised immune symptoms, the illness can become very severe and even life threatening. Children five years old or younger have the highest rate of diagnosed infections. Around 400 persons die each year due to acute salmonellosis.

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