How a Birth Injury Attorney helps plan for future care for a child with a birth injury

In a birth injury lawsuit, the Birth Injury Malpractice Lawyer brings together the resources that provides for the child’s future care. Some children with birth injuries will need for special care their entire life especially if they have been born with a traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy caused by hypoxia. In planning for a child’s future, the attorney brings together people with expertise and these may include a physician, therapist, nurse and economist to plan and estimate a child’s future needs including:

  • Educational expenses
  • Therapy expenses including occupational, speech and physical
  • Medical expenses
  • Care giver expenses
  • Adaptive equipment needed for the home or automobile
  • Home remodel expenses to modify the home for a child that might be in a wheel chair

Once a child’s future needs are assessed and quantified, the attorney can factor this into the malpractice settlement when asking the court for an award.

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