Hospital tech to be charged after exposing patients to Hepatitis C

Kristen Diane Parker, a former surgery technician, faces federal charges for exposing thousands of patients to Hepatitis C and for tampering with consumer products. The charges stem from Parker’s theft of injectable painkillers meant for patients. She used painkillers like fetanyl for herself and then refilled the vials with saline. Parker, who had Hepatitis C exposed an estimated 5,700 surgical patients with the virus and it appears that nine patients have contracted the disease.

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease which affects the liver. It is often asymptomatic but as the disease progresses it can cause cirrhosis of the liver and other complications including liver failure and death. It is spread by blood-to-blood contact. Of those infected, there is only a 51% cure rate.seattle medical malpractice attorney
Parker worked at two medical facilities in Colorado; Rose Medical Center in Denver and Audubon Ambulatory Surgery Center in Colorado Springs.

Parker faces a lengthy prison sentence and could face life in prison if any of the patients succumb to the illness or suffers serious bodily injury.

This case will be one to watch. Patients may have recourse in a medical malpractice case against the surgical centers if were negligent in the oversight of Parker and if they knew that she had the potential of infecting patients.

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