Horse on highway causes Highway 2 truck accident

Two drivers suffered minor injuries and their trucks, one a pickup and the other a semi, had to be towed from the accident scene after they collided with a horse that had gotten onto Highway 2 west of Spokane.

The horse was killed in the truck accident.

In many cases, the person who owns the livestock that gets onto the highway is responsible for damages. The horse owner may have to pay damages unless he/she can prove that their animal got outside a fence for a reason other than negligence. Negligence can be inferred by the fact that the animal was loose on the highway.

In such cases, the defendant has the burden of proof or must present an affirmative defense.

The drivers in this case proved to be very fortunate. Often in cases like this, drivers and passengers are seriously injured or killed.

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The Seattle Times April 19, 2011
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