Honda ordered to pay $55M in car accident settlement

A Pennsylvania man, who was paralyzed in a rollover car accident, has been awarded a $55.3M product liability lawsuit against Honda Motors by a Pennsylvania jury.

The jury agreed with the plaintiff, Carlos Martinez, 57, that a faulty seat belt design in his Acura Integra was the cause of the paralyzing injuries he sustained in a car accident.

Martinez lost control of his vehicle when a tire blew and his seat belt did not restrain him, allowing his head to hit the roof of the car in the rollover accident.

Honda denied liability but Martinez’s lawyer argued successfully that the seat belt design was a known defect based on testing Honda had perofrmed eight years prior to the accident.

The jury awarded Martinez money for his current and future medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of consortium and for pain and suffering.

Product Liability Lawsuits
The law allow that manufacturers of any product that caused damage can be held liable for damage caused by the product. Product liability includes tangible property but can also include intangible including writings such as maps, real estate, and pets.

To prevail in a product liability lawsuit, the plaintiff must prove:

  • Design defect — a design flaw that makes the product dangerous even though it serves its purpose and was used properly.
  • Manufacturing defect — occurs during the manufacture, construction or production of the product.
  • Marketing defect — includes failures to warn consumers of product dangers or failure to provide instruction for proper usage.

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