Honda Odyssey minivan garners “Top Safety Pick” award

Are you looking to purchase a minivan? If you are, you are most likely have a family and vehicle safety is important to you. Recently, the Honda Odyssey minivan became the first minivan to earn the “Top Safety Pick” award for it’s performance in five Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) crash tests.

IIHS puts vehicles through their paces in five different crash tests:

  1. Moderate overlap front — tests how well occupants are protected in a 40 mph hour crash into a barrier with the front corner of the vehicle.
  2. Small overlap front — tests how well occupants are protected in a 40mph hour crash into a barrier where the crumple zone is not involved.
  3. Side impact — tests how well passengers are protected in a side impact or t-bone car accident.
  4. Rollover — tests the roof strength of a vehicle to determine how occupants are protected in a rollover car accident.
  5. Rear — tests how well seats and head restraints protect drivers in rear-end car accidents.

The 2014 Odyssey is the first minivan that underwent the small overlap front test which simulates hitting a tree or telephone pole. The test results found that the driver had a very low risk of injury in the simulated accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is a nonprofit scientific organization whose mission is to reduce car accident injuries and fatalities.

When shopping for a new vehicle, the IIHS website provides valuable information on vehicle safety ratings for both new and older vehicle models. In addition, the website provides ratings on child booster seats.

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