Holiday decorating safety

holiday decorating safetyNow that Thanksgiving is over, many people are turning their thoughts to decorating their homes or businesses for the Christmas holidays.

The Farber Law Group is providing some fire and accident prevention tips so that your holidays will be safe and accident free.


Many people enjoy using candles in their homes to create a festive atmosphere but candles can cause house fires if not used properly. Be sure that when you use candles that you put them in candlesticks or burn proof trivets or holders before you light them. Be especially careful about burning candles near draperies or Christmas decorations. Candles should be extinguished before you retire to be. Never place candles where they are in the reach of young children.


You should use fresh trees or artificial trees in your home. If you use a fresh tree, be sure it is in a container where you can add water. Remove the tree from the house when it becomes dry and needles begin to fall. Be sure to properly dispose of the tree.

Electric Christmas Lights

Putting up Christmas lights should be a safe and fun practice. Unfortunately, 2,500 people are injured every year while hanging Christmas lights. The most common causes of injuries is from falling or slipping and injuries are usually relatively minor such as abrasions, broken bones and cuts. Occasionally, people have suffered serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries and injuries to the spine, pelvis and back, usually as a result of a fall.

One must be very careful in the use of ladders. Make sure the ladder is in good condition and can hold your weight. Also make sure your ladder is placed on level ground.

Outdoor Christmas light should be grounded so you should use a GFCI outlet that has a fuse that will turn the outlet off if it is overloaded. Throw away frayed wires and don’t overload extension cords.

Remember you should never hang Christmas lights on metal trees because the tree can be charged with electricity and cause and electrocution or fire.

Enjoy the holidays but be safe.

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