Hidden cameras the solution to nursing home abuse?

Are hidden cameras installed in nursing homes the solution to ending nursing home abuse? The New York State Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, thinks so and he is increasing the number of hidden cameras in nursing home facilities in Western New York. The cameras first came to the forefront back in 2006 when Eliliot Spitzer announced that hidden cameras led to the arrest of 19 nursing home employees and uncovered cases of serious abuse.

Already in Rochester, Cuomo is using tape from hidden cameras to prosecute nursing home staff for abuse and neglect as part of a crack-down on nursing home abuse. Cuomo says, “Assume there’s a camera in the room… You shouldn’t be doing anything in the room that you don’t want to be on the camera anyway.”

827585_security_cam_2.jpgSome people are scornful of cameras calling them, “granny cams.”

Those in favor of the cameras say they are not installed without a family’s permission and that they help protect some of our most vulnerable citizens and reduce elder abuse.

Caught on camera:

  • A CNA bumped a patient’s head on a railing because she was talking on a cell phone when she moved him.
  • A CNA changed a patient only once in 8 hours despite orders to do so every 2 hours.
  • A LPN did not check a patient’s vital sign before administering medication.
    Failure to administer medication.

About a dozen state legislatures are considering legislation which would allow cameras in nursing home. Already, New Mexico and Texas along with New York are allowing the cameras.

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