Group asks FDA to pull Ortho Evra birth control patch from market due to blood clot risk

The Seattle Times reports that Public Citizen, a national non-profit public interest organization, is circulating a petition asking the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to remove the Ortho Evra birth control patch from the market within six months citing risks of blood clots, stroke and death to users. Ortho Evra birth control patches are manufactured by Ortho-McNeil, a division of Johnson&Johnson.

Public Citizen’s petition drive is called “Not My Patch” and is based on research which compares the contraceptive patch to standard oral contraceptives and says the patch is a dangerous product that needs to be recalled. The study found that women using the patch have 60% higher estrogen levels than standard oral contraceptives. Higher estrogen levels puts them at a much higher risk of blood clots which can lead to stroke and death. The study also cites an increase in other side effects including painful periods, nausea, breast discomfort and vomiting.

The Ortho Evra web-site markets the patch as “convenient birth control” and targets it to young women. However, more than a few young women have experienced serious side effects including death. One young woman collapsed on the subway and died at the age of 18 when a blood clot formed and went into her lung. Other young women as young as 18, 19 and 20 years of age suffered strokes while using the medication.

The patch was first sold in 2002. In January of 2008, the FDA approved a third update to Ortho Evra’s label to warn of potential blood clots. Since the FDAs warnings, the use of the patch has dropped from 9.9 million prescriptions in 2004 to 2.7 million in 2007.

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