Girl injured by pool drain despite law which requires pools and spas to have drain covers

A three year old Florida girl was injured when her arm was stuck in a pool drain. Rescue workers had to use jackhammers and respirator equipment to save the little girl after her mother had kept her head above water waiting for rescue workers to arrive. The girl is reported to be in stable condition according to ABC News.

In 2007, the Federal Law mandating that all public swimming pools and hot tubs must have a drain cover installed. The Pool and Spa Safety Act required a cover to protect young people from being sucked into drains.

Before the law was enacted, at least one person was killed per year because of a pool drain. The Consumer Product Safety commission found that the pressure on a pool drain can be more than 300 pounds per square inch.

Even though the law has been in effect for over a year and a half, compliance has been low. The law states that any pool not fit with the cover must be closed. In Florida, one study found that 70% of the pool drains were non-compliant even six months after the Safety Act was signed.

In a case like this Florida girl, the property owner may be found negligent in a civil suit for failing to install the drain cover. In a negligence lawsuit, a person is eligible to receive compensation for injuries including medical and rehabilitation costs if a person had negligent behavior which resulted in the injury.

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