French news announces suspension of diabetes drug, Actos Competact

The Director General of the Agency of Medicines in France (Afssaps) announced that the diabetes drug Actos Competact, sold as Actos (pioglitazone) in the United States, has been suspended for sale in France because it is responsible for a significant increase in bladder cancer in men according to the French newspaper Le Monde.

Afssaps held a vote and members of the commission voted 25 aye and one abstaining to suspend the sale of the drug after a study by the National Health Insurance (CNAM) found

“a statistically significant association” between exposure to pioglitazone, an antidiabetic medication currently on the hot seat, and the incidence of bladder cancer.”

According to LeMonde, the study shows that the risk of bladder cancer increased by 22% when using Actos. The study showed that the risk increases up to 75% when patients were treated with a high dose. The study followed 1.5 million diabetics, 155,000 who had taken pioglitazone.

Actos was first sold in Europe in 200 and approximately 230,000 patients were treated with the drug in France. The Afssaps warns, “Doctors should no longer prescribe the medicines containing pioglitazone.”

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