Four listeriosis deaths linked to celery from Texas processing plant

The Texas Department of Health Services has shut down all food processing by a San Antonio plant after four people died after contracting listeriosis after eating celery that had been processed at the Sangar Produce and Processing plant.

In addition to the four deaths, Texas health department authorities believe that six other people contracted listeriosis due to eating contaminated celery.

Listeriosis is a food-borne illness caused by the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria which is found in soil, water and in animals. Vegetables can become contaminated if soil or manure is used as fertilizer.
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According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 2,500 people contract listeriosis every year and it is a factor in 500 deaths per year. People with compromised or immature immune symptoms, including small children, the elderly and people with underlying disease. Pregnant women are more susceptible to the illness and contract it at a rate of 20 times greater than other adults and it can cause the death to the fetus.

Symptoms of listeriosis can last up to 10 days and include fever, muscles aches and vomiting. One of the side effects of the infection is that it can spread to the nervous system, causing meningitis.

The Department of Health can close down a plant if it believes that products supplied by the plant are “an immediate and serious threat to human life or health.”

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