Forks logger injured in logging accident

The Forks Forum reports that a logger, Michael Bos, age39, has been upgraded from critical to serious condition after a logging accident in which he was struck by a log off of the 9000 logging road system, 17 miles northwest of Beaver, Washington.

According to the report, Bos was unconscious after he was struck and he suffered injuries to his shoulder, back and head.

The Clallam county Sheriff’s Deputies and Quileute Fish & Wildlife Enforcement responded to the accident and a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter took Bos to an Airlift Northwest Helicopter in Port Angeles which took him to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The Washington State Department of Labor and industries (L&I) is investigating the accident. According to the L&I, logging is the most dangerous industry in Washington State. In twenty percent of logging accidents, defective equipment is the cause of the accident. Lack of training and risk taking are other causes of accidents. Chain saws and logging machines pose hazards and loggers use these tools in tight spaces and on rough terrain. Falling objects are also hazardous with branches, limbs and trees falling on loggers and also logs falling off logging trucks. Environmental conditions can also be extreme in Washington State which can cause logging to be more treacherous because of the threat of lightening.

Logging injuries can include eye injuries, multiple fractures, amputations, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage.

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