Finley, Washington boy requires 20 stitches to face after dog bite

Seattle’s KOMO reports that a Triston Jett, age 9, of Finley, Washington was attacked by a dog while walking home from a friend’s house. The dog, a border-collie mix, attacked Triston’s face. Triston ran home and was taken to Kennewick General Hospital where he required 20 stitches to close the wound on his face.

Shanda Reed, the boy’s mother, said that the dog “tore his face up.”

The dog is under observation for 10 days and then it will be euthanized according to the report.

Attacks by vicious dogs can leave a victim with serious injuries. Some times, dog bite victims require plastic surgery and some even have permanent injuries including nerve damage and scarring. In this case, they may be entitled to compensation for medical costs and for pain and suffering.

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