Felony charges filed against owner of pit bulls that mauled SeaTac woman

The Seattle Times reports that felony charges of possessing a dangerous dog have been filed against Travis Cunningham, 36, the owner of two pit bulls that seriously injured a 72-year-old SeaTac woman, Huong Le, in September.

Cunningham is also charged with “first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and one count of possession of a stolen firearm.” All three charges could result in a 13 year prison sentence.

Le was attacked in her own driveway after she walked her grandchildren to the school bus. She suffered serious injuries including a broken arm, broken jaw, severed ears and bites up and down her leg. She said she was relieved by the charges. She had feared for her life in the savage attack.

The chief of staff for the King Country Prosecutor’s Office said, “He [Cunningham] is being charged with knowing this dog is dangerous and failing to take appropriate actions to keep this dog from harming someone.”

In her report for The Times, reporter Christine Clarridge wrote that, “While pit bulls make up only 4 percent of licensed dogs, they make up 22 percent of reported bites. ”

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