Feds seek to ban baby cribs with drop-sides

In an article published in The Seattle Times, Lyndsey Layton writing for The Washington Post, reports that the federal government seeks to prohibit the sale of drop-side baby cribs saying they pose “lethal dangers to children.” The Feds seek to make this move after 32 babies were killed in crib accidents since 2000.
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The feds are proposing the following rules for crib manufacturers: banning sales of drop-side cribs; prohibiting the use of drop-side cribs in places such as day-care centers and hotels; requiring crib manufacturers to provide adequate mattress support; testing cribs to ensure that cribs hold up to shaking and jumping; design cribs so that assembly is “idiot proof” so that it is impossible for people to assemble them incorrectly.

According to the article, the fatalities attributed to drop-side cribs were caused when the side became partly detached from the crib because of defect, poor design or improper assembly.

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