Feds agree to $2.15 ‘failure to diagnose’ medical malpractice settlement

A U.S. District Court Judge approved a $2.15 medical malpractice settlement award to an Army soldier whose wife died from rectal cancer after the military hospital at Fort Campbell, Ky, failed to diagnose her condition.

According to the Insurance Journal, Melodee Cloer, presented symptoms of rectal cancer back in 2006 when she went to the hospital at Fort Campbell complaining of bloody stools , pain and constipation. Cloer was diagnosed with hemorrhoids and the hospital failed to perform a follow up colonoscopy.

It was not until Staff Sgt. Adam Cloer was moved to a new Army installation, was Melodee Cloer’s cancer diagnosed and treatment began. Unfortunately, despite multiple surgeries, Melodee Cloer succumbed to the disease.

While symptoms of colorectal cancer depend on the location of a tumor, rectal bleeding and bloody stools are common symptoms. Caught early, the survival rate beyond 5 years is over 90%.

Cloer’s husband, Staff Sgt. Adam Cloer, filed the medical malpractice claim on behalf of his wife who died last year. In the lawsuit, Cloer claimed that the hospital was negligent in not diagnosing and treating his wife’s illness.

The medical malpractice settlement is subject to final approval by the U.S. Attorney General, according to the report.

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