Federal Way begins issuing tickets for speed cameras in school zones

Federal Way begins issuing tickets for drivers who speed in school zones and are caught by speed cameras at Twin Lakes Elementary School located on Southwest 320th Street and Saghalie Middle School located on 21st Avenue Southwest beginning on Tuesday reports the Tacoma News Tribune.

The speed cameras, which were activated about a month ago, have caught about 676 drivers speeding in the school zones so far. Tickets for speeding will cost violators between $189 and $250 based upon how fast they were going.
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In June, a class action lawsuit was filed in King County Superior Court alleging that 19 Washington cities overcharge drivers who receive red light camera tickets. Motorists claim that the legislation which allows cities to install the cameras was supposed to be for safety and not to primarily raise money for the cities. The plaintiffs in the suit ask to be refunded the amount of the ticket cost over that of an ordinary parking ticket.

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