FDA issues alert for dog jerky treats after nearly 600 dogs deaths, 3,500 illnesses

treats.jpgThe Washington Injury Attorney blog represents people who have become ill due to foodborne illness. We closely follow recall notices for products which have sickened people with illnesses such as listeria, e-coli and salmonella. In some cases, we represent people who have life-threatening illnesses due to food contamination and work to obtain them compensation for their medical costs and for pain and suffering.

A recent notice by the Food and Drug Administration regarding jerky treats for dogs made in China caught our eye and we thought we should post information about the illnesses and deaths to warn dog owners as we are pet lovers here at The Farber Law Group.

The FDA is investigating the death of 600 dogs and more than 3,600 pets who have become sickened by jerky treats made of chicken, duck and sweet potato. The deaths have occurred since 2007 and recently decreased when some jerky treats were removed from the market. While the illnesses been linked to many brands of jerky treats one common denominator is that the treats were exported to the U.S. from China.

The FDA finds the death of the pets to be a mystery. The FDS has tested treats for toxins, metals, bacteria and pesticides and still have not found the cause of the illness. They have even had inspectors visit Chinese plants yet have still not found the exact cause of the illnesses and deaths.

Dogs have experienced decreased appetites, vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy after eating some treats. In the most severe cases, the pets have suffered kidney failure and internal bleeding and death.

Because treats are optional, some veterinarian’s are recommending eliminating them from your pet’s diet just in case.The FDA recommends that pet owners to watch their pets for the symptoms listed above.

For more information read, “Questions and Answers Regarding Jerky Pet Treats” on the FDA website.

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