FDA is urged to regulate bottled water industry

Consumer advocates are urging the Food and Drug Administration to place more oversight on bottled water. In a hearing before the Energy and Commerce Committee, consumer advocates asked that FDA force water bottlers to provide more information to consumers, reports The Wall Street Journal.seattle e-coli attorney

Bottled water is a $11.2 billion industry. Many consumers believe that bottled water is safer than most tap water. An organization, Think Outside the Bottle, says that the bottled industry has undermined people’s confidence in municipal tap water systems.

However, the bottled water industry is not as regulated as the municipal water departments. By September, the bottled water corporations will be required to “report test results that show a serious health threat.” By December, they must eliminate E-coli from their product.

Representative Bart Stupak, chairman f the Energy and Commerce Committee said, “Many American believe that water they drink from a bottle is healthier than water that comes from their faucets. Consumers may not realize that many regulations that apply to municipalities responsible for tap water do not apply to companies that produce bottled water.”

In fact, there have been bacterial and chemical contamination problems with bottled water in the past few years. Bottled water producers often use words like “spring” and “pure” to advertise their water. Often times these water products come from a municipal tap or pumped from a well.

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