Family receives settlement from Government in medical malpractice against Navy hospital

The family of Miriam “Feenee” Hadley of Virginia Beach settled a medical malpractice lawsuit after the federal government agreed to pay the family $450,000. The family filed the malpractice lawsuit after Hadley, who was 43 at the time, died at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center after a routine surgery. In the terms of the settlement, the government did not admit to fault in Hadley’s death.

According to an article in the, Hadley underwent surgery in 2006 to remove an infected boil. The lawsuit claimed that Hadley died because the anesthesiologist failed to intubate her after the surgery but should have known to because Hadley had underlying medical issues which included diabetes. Intubation is the placement of a tube in the patient’s trachea to protect the airway and provide for mechanical ventilation. Hadley’s airway became obstructed and she stopped breathing while she was being transferred from the operating room to the intensive care unit. She went into cardiac arrest and was later declared brain dead.

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