Family reaches settlement with Tacoma & Spanaway bars in fatal DUI car accident

The family of Cassandra Clay who was killed 4-1/2 hears ago by a drunken driver have reached a out-of-court settlement with two of the bars that they claim over-served the drunken driver that caused the car accident in which their daughter was killed. Cassandra’s boyfriend, Shane Bender, 20, was also killed in the 2006 Spanaway drunk driving car accident.
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Cassandra was 19-years-old when her vehicle was hit at a Highway 7 intersection near Spanaway. Clevan Derrer, the man that hit Cassandra’s vehicle, was convicted of driving under the influence. This was his 6th DUI says Cassandra’s mother, Caroline.

The amount of Clay’s family settlement with the two bars has not been disclosed. Families of people who have been killed by drunken drivers may file wrongful death claims against bars that over-served a drunken driver. Dram Shop Liability is a legal concept refers to the legal liability of taverns, liquor stores or other commercial establishment that serve alcohol. Dram shop laws establish that establishments that serve alcohol to obviously intoxicated persons or minors who cause the death or injury to another in alcohol-related car accidents may be held liable for damages.

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4 1/2 years after deadly DUI crash, bars pay up
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