Family of murdered Washington couple to file ‘wrongful death lawsuit’ against State of Massachusetts

The families of a murdered Washington couple have sent a letter to the Massachusetts State Attorney General, Martha Coakley, informing her that they intend to sue multiple public officials in Massachusetts for wrongful death in the murder or Brian and Beverly Mauck by a Massachusetts prison parolee who had jumped bail.

Brian Mauck, age 30, and Beverly Mauck, age 28, died of multiple gunshot wounds in their rural Graham home on November 17, 2007 after they were shot by a convicted killer, Daniel T. Tavares Jr., 42, who had jumped bail in Mass. Graham is a small town in Western Washington about 20 miles southeast of Tacoma.

In preparing to file the wrongful death suit, the attorney for the Mauck’s estate wrote that the Worcester, Mass, District Attorneys office was “negligent in handling the release of Tavares.” A judge had released Tavares from jail four months before the couple’s murder even though he had served a sentence for the murder of his mother and while he was in prison he spent most of his sentence in disciplinary isolation. He was facing assault charges and the prosecutor feared he might flee when the judge released him on bail.

In a report in the Boston Globe, the Mauck estate lawyer wrote:

“Tavares was a ticking time bomb, and it was only a matter of time before he killed again. Massachusetts had a duty to protect the citizens of Washington from this incredibly severe danger.”

Tavares’ own father purchased a gun when he heard his son was headed to Washington State.

Wrongful death
is the death of a person caused by either negligence or the wrongful act of another. The family of a person who died can sue for damages the person whose negligence resulted in the death of their loved one.

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  1. The story is so depressing. But I guess more than the wrongful death lawsuit, there was a complete misinterpretation of the standard procedures on how to handle suspects and criminals. I just wish that the family will immediately get the justice they deserve and that the parties responsible will be punished accordingly.