Family files medical malpractice after nurse accidentally cuts off baby’s finger

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The family of a 8-month old baby girl has filed a negligence lawsuit against a Florida hospital and nurse after the nurse accidentally amputated half of the baby’s left pinky finger.

Veronica Olguin had taken her baby, Selena, who was three months old at the time of the incident, to Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center for treatment of a high fever and bronchitis. After a 3-day hospital stay, the baby was ready to be taken home and a nurse, Emily Anna Stutz, started cutting off a bandage off that had held the baby’s IV. Mistakenly, she cut off the baby’s finger with a pair of scissors.

Attempts to reattach the severed finger were unsuccessful due to the baby’s age.

The family filed suit for emotional and psychological damages as well as developmental challenges Selena might have as she grows older. The young mother of this baby was obviously traumatized by what happened to her baby in the hospital.

Study finds 1 of 3 hospital patients are victims of a medical mistake

The journal Health Affairs published a study of “adverse events ” — medical errors — last year which revealed that medical mistakes in the hospital setting are more common then one might think. In fact, one in three patients admitted to the hospital has been on the receiving end of a hospital mistake and medical errors are one of the leading causes of premature death and injury.

The most common hospital mistakes are foodborne illness, hospital-acquired infections, falls and bedsores. Less common mistakes include wrong-site surgeries and accidents such as this one.

How a Medical Malpractice attorney can help

Everyone who enters the hospital has a basic expectation that they will not be harmed in the process. We can all expect a “standard of care“. If you have suffered serious injuries or if a loved one has died because of the medical negligence of a nursing home, physician or medical professional, a personal injury attorney will work to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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