Family awarded $9.5M medical malpractice settlement for boy with cerebral palsy

An Illinois family has agreed to a $9.5M medical malpractice settlement after mediation with an Illinois hospital, nurse midwife and the nurse’s employer after she claimed that her son’s birth injury, resulting in cerebral palsy, was caused by negligence.

Helen O’Came filed a cerebral palsy lawsuit claiming her son was deprived of oxygen during the birth process which caused a brain injury. According to O’Came’s lawsuit, the nurse midwife, Mary Traub, was required to have a sponsoring physician on call but her sponsoring physician, Dr. Han, was away in Korea and Traub did not call another physician in to the case.

Patrick, who is now 14, has a permanent disability which requires lifetime care. In the settlement, the hospital has greed to pay $7.5 million and Dr. Han and Traum will each pay $1 million as part of the settlement.

Cerebral palsy can be caused by the lack of oxygen at birth which can cause permanent disabilities including seizures, blindness, mental retardation and physical impairments.

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Chicago Breaking News Center $9.5M settlement in case of boy born with cerebral palsy
Posted: April 15, 2010

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