Family awarded $11M in birth injury lawsuit

David and Celia McCraw have reached an $11 million medical malpractice lawsuit settlement with Tripler Army Medical Center in their medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors and the hospital reports

The McCraw’s daughter, Kayla Mae, suffered a serious brain injury at birth resulting in in cerebral palsy and she requires full-time medical care. The settlement monies will go into a fund to provide for Kayla for the rest of her life.

The McCraw’s physicians made several medical blunders during Celia’s labor and delivery and they compounded that mistake after the birth of Kayla. During the birth,miscommunication between the resident physician and her supervisor let Celia labor instead of speeding up her delivery.

Once Kayla was born, a first-year intern incorrectly inserted an oxygen tube so that oxygen was pumped into the infants stomach rather than to her lungs. This mistake was not caught for 40 minutes.

In settling the case, Triper Army Medical Center said:

The circumstances surrounding the November 2005 birth of Kayla McCraw at Tripler Army Medical Center were an unfortunate tragedy. Tripler accepts full responsibility for the outcome, resulting in its decision to support settlement of the lawsuit brought by Kayla and her family. Tripler is especially gratified in knowing that the settlement monies will ensure that Kayla will receive the medical care, assistance and rehabilitation that she needs for the rest of her life.

This information is provided by Washington Injury Attorney blog, a service of The Farber Law Group. Our law firm represents the victims of medical malpractice including the parents of children with birth injuries. Birth injury malpractice can result in extreme injuries and while no financial compensation can ameliorate the pain of a child with birth injuries, compensation such as in this case, can make sure the child’s medical and educational needs are met.

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