Fall City, Washington nurse to pleads guilty to tampering with pain medication at Bellevue surgical center

The Seattle Times reports that a drug-addicted nurse from Fall City, Washington pleaded guilty to product tampering in U.S. District Court in Seattle today. She faces a 10 year prison sentence and a fine of up to $250,000.bellevue medical malpractice attorney
Drea Lynne Gibson, a 43-year-old registered nurse, worked at the Plastic Surgery Center in Bellevue for five years. Gibson apparently tampered with ampules of Demerol and fentanyl to acquire the drug to feed her drug addiction. She replaced the drugs with saline solution which was then given to patients who had undergone surgery and required pain treatment.

According to the report, Gibson was fired from the clinic in November 17th. Empty Demerol ampules and Super Glue, which she used to seal the saline into the ampules to replace the narcotic drugs, was discovered in the recovery room.

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