Eye surgeon performs wrong site surgery on Vancouver boy

Seattle’s KOMO News.com reports that an eye surgeon performed a wrong-site surgery on Jesse Matlock, age 4, of Vancouver, Washington.

Jesse entered Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, Oregon, for surgery to correct a “wandering eye”. Jesse’s parents say that prior to the surgery, the correct eye — the right one — was circled. But, Jesse’s surgeon, Dr. Shawn Goodman of Lake Oswego, said that she “lost her sense of direction” and operated on the wrong eye. After the surgery was complete, she then operated on the correct eye.

The CEO of Legacy Emanuel said they are investigating this incident to determine how the mistake was made.

Jesse’s mother, Tasha Gaul, and father Dale Matlock, were aghast to learn of this medical error. They are very concerned about their son’s eyesight in the future and with good reason.

Patient advocates believe that there should be no shared responsibility when it comes to the surgery site and that the surgeon has the sole responsibility and should be held accountable for errors.

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