Eye doctor accused of performing unnecessary laser surgery

The Baltimore Sun reports that a federal lawsuit has been filed against Dr. John Arthur Kieley for performing medically unnecessary laser eye surgery on patients and committing fraud by billing Medicare and Medicaid for the surgeries.

One patient who was operated on lost the vision in one eye after the surgery, a result of Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) procedure that was “not medically necessary.” Other patients had multiple unwarranted procedures performed on their eyes.
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The government lawsuit claims that Kieley performed hundreds of medically unnecessary eye procedures and defrauded the government for thousands of dollars.

Besides the government charges, the patients are allowed to file a civil claim for medical malpractice for the damages suffered by unnecessary surgery. Physicians convicted of this crime should make full restitution to the victims.

Cases where doctors try to scam insurance companies and the U.S. Government for medically unnecessary surgeries are often sentenced to serve jail time. It is hard to understand why a physician who spent years of study would break their oath of, “First do no harm.”

Whistle blower laws allow employees or co-workers of people who commit fraud to receive a percentage of the government’s recover as a whistleblower’s rewards.

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