Escalators can be dangerous: hold on to the railing

Yesterday was the year anniversary of the death of Maurecio Bell, who died in an escalator accident after he fell and his clothing got tangled on the University Street Station escalator in Seattle.escalator

Since then, The Washington state Department of Labor and Industries estimates that more than 60 people have suffered injuries related to riding on an escalator in Washington.

Escalators seem such a ubiquitous part of American life whether one is shopping at Bellevue Square or catching a flight at SeaTac airport. It’s hard to imagine that can pose a hazard, especially to small children.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that nationally, approximately 10,000 people are injured while riding escalators. Most often, escalator accidents are caused by falls, accounting for 70% of all escalator accidents.

Falling can result in traumatic head injury or broken bones.

Most escalator accidents could be prevented if people held on to the handrail. Often, accidents occur when people are carrying packages while shopping and lose their balance.

One area of danger is where the stairs meet the floor. At this area, people, and especially children, can get their loose shoes such as flip-flops or Crocs wedged into the stair mechanisms. In this case, amputations can occur. Children should never be allowed to plan on or near escalators. If you are travelling with more than one child, you might consider using an elevator.

Parents and caregivers need to pay special mind to small children while riding an escalator and make sure that children cross the escalator threshold safely.

Escalator Accident Attorney

Sometimes escalator accidents are caused by faulty or damaged equipment or an escalator that has not been properly inspected and maintained. Sometimes there is too much room between the stairs and the railing which can pose a hazard.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed as a result of an escalator accident, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. The Farber Law Group, with an expert in premise liability, has more than 40 years experience representing people after their slip, trip and fall accidents.

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